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Publicado por : Kuro Neko febrero 03, 2010

Por medio de comunicado oficial SEGA y High Voltage Software hacen oficial el desarrollo de este titulo en exclusiva para Nintendo Wii.

We are excited to announce a new project in partnership with developer High Voltage Software – Tournament of Legends™. Exclusive for Wii™, Tournament of Legends is scheduled for release in May 2010.
Tournament of Legends offers a 3D fighting experience for one or two players, featuring a host of fighters based on legends from world mythology: the Minotaur, a powerful Gladiator, a mighty Valkyrie and other well known and awe-inspiring characters. Take these fighters to epic battles in fantastic fighting arenas where the combatants wield legendary weapons, launch magical attacks and dodge giant mythological creatures that protect their lairs. Master a range of incredible combat moves; including unleashing a man-eating lion, summoning a deadly rain of arrows and throwing a nest of venomous snakes.
Tournament of Legends strives to offer even the most sophisticated Wii gamer a rich weapon fighting experience. Players will be able to switch weapons and enchantments with other characters, or compete in various Wii Remote™/Nunchuk™ controller challenges which include dodging giant mythological creatures, or restoring health and armour during fights. The game also features an Interactive Training mode and supports the Classic Controller™.
Tournament of Legends cinematic effects and graphics are fueled by the High Voltage Software Quantum 3 engine, specifically designed and optimized for Wii. Large 3D mythological fighters move fluidly while all fighting arenas, characters, and magical attacks are polished by advanced real-time lighting, blended animation, cinematic colour curves and more.
Tournament of Legends is set to release in May 2010 exclusively for Wii.

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