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Publicado por : Kuro Neko enero 09, 2010

Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
Developer: Attractive Games LTD
Platform: Wii
Genre: Action
Release Date: March 2010
Price / Rating: TBA / RP

Working for a bungling boss can get to anyone, but try working for three bungling…brothers! Rather than waste time arguing with them, it’s up to you to make and deliver massive amounts of pizza to a slew of hungry customers. Whether it’s the heat of the kitchen, or the traffic on the roads, it’s up you to restore the pizza parlors to their past magnificence and become Pizza Boy of the Year!

Once upon a time there were three brothers who each ran their own successful pizza restaurants. People came from all around to eat the brother’s fabulous pizzas and everyone agreed they really were the best pizzas they’d ever tasted. The brothers were happy, the people were happy, the bank manager was happy. Everyone was happy.

However, content with their success the brothers became lazy, their businesses soon fell into ruin, and the bank manager who was once their friend was now threatening them with closure. The brothers were broken men. They couldn’t even look at a piece of cheese or a plump tomato without bursting into tears. It was sad and a little pathetic.
They needed help. In a final act of desperation one of the brothers placed a job posting in his restaurant window. The game begins with YOU applying within…

• Use your Wii Remote as the ultimate kitchen utensil and the driver’s wheel!
• Collect ingredients to prepare a plethora of pizza recipes, and make sure not to burn them!
• Earn money by making deliveries in a fully 3-D world encompassing three bustling towns.
• Avoid a cast of scoundrels and hazards, including: hungry hobos, learning drivers and oil slicks.
• Unlock a variety of vehicles, including mopeds, scooters and cars.
• Compete in a variety of exciting side missions, like: street races, cooking competitions and collecting events.
• Work hard, play harder! Every couple of days head into town and enjoy the sights and sounds on your well deserved day off.

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