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Publicado por : Kuro Neko enero 14, 2010

Por medio de comunicado oficial se anuncia el nuevo DLC para Guitar Hero.

Today, a new Vampire Weekend three-song track pack is available for Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero. The popular band returns to the Guitar Hero franchise with the Vampire Weekend Track Pack featuring two songs — “Cousins” and “Holiday” — from their brand-new album Contra as well as “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance” from their 2008 self-titled debut album Vampire Weekend.
The Vampire Weekend Track Pack is now available via Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 440 Microsoft Points, from the PlayStation Store for $5.49 and the Wii Shop Channel for 550 Wii Points. The three songs are also available as single downloads for Xbox 360 for 160 Microsoft Points, PlayStation 3 for $1.99 and Wii for 200 Wii Points each.

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